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Matt Crawford

Hakone Open-Air Musuem

With its eclectic range of sculptures, Hakone Open-Air Museum needed an identity for its new exhibition that would unify the sculptures, but at the same time allow their uniqueness to shine.

In response to this, the exhibition “FORM:ED” was created. FORM:ED is not just an exhibition, but a way to analyse and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of what the sculptor is trying to impart to the audience.

By inviting the audience to interact with the different elements of the sculptures like the materials, the sculpting techniques, and the form. This stops the audience from taking it at face value. Thus, FORM:ED deconstructs the sculptures by isolating the different elements of said sculptures and then reconstructs the different elements back together — leaving the audience with a deeper, more complete appreciation of the craftsmanship.

Through this way of analysing the sculptures, they are unified through the same method of analysis. Yet their uniqueness is exemplified through the deeper understanding the audience gains with this method.

Sydney based designer
Sydney based designer